Monday, October 11, 2010

A brief photographic tour of my weekend

It's almost 1 am, and I need to wake up at 5:30am to head to Koho'olawe for the week... But, of course, I'm too excited to sleep, so I'll unload some pictures from this weekend.

It was a fantastic weekend overall. I don't have pictures from Friday, but I went out with the Sunday Fun-day gals to the Honolulu Academy of Arts for presentations by local artists. They were to present 20 slides of their work, only having 20 seconds to present each. It was pretty interesting and beautiful stuff. Mostly, it was a lot of really incredible ceramic work.

Saturday, I hiked to Maunawili falls with Aubrey (from Haverford) and also two new friends from Ultimate-- Kayleigh and Lance. It was a bit of a drive out to Maunawili (thanks Lance!), and we stopped at the Pali lookout on the way to that side of the island:

There's Aubrey and Kayleigh. Here's an even better one:
Kayleigh called this the "Titanic picture."

It was a great hike to the falls, and it was nice to jump in after a jaunt through the humid jungle in the afternoon:

(I'm told I'm the blur jumping... I need to learn the settings on my new camera...).

Last night, we then all went out to a concert of a band called "Ghostland Observatory." I'd never really heard of them, but Rudy and Isaac saw them in Maine this summer and loved it. It was very fun music, but the best part about the show was that it was also a laser show!

Today was Sunday Fun-day PART 2: North Shore edition! We headed up with many stops on the way, including my second stop at the Pali lookout for the weekend. This is Micki fighting the insane wind on the lookout:

We then continued North until we got to the beaches. One of the best things about Hawai'i has been the seafood, so naturally, we stopped for lunch here:


These are more pictures from the North Shore:

Micki pointed these guys out-- they're shingle urchins!

Look! REAL SURFERS! These waves were considered puny by Hawaiian standards, but they're supposed to get much bigger in the months to come...

AND! Micki posted her photos from last week's Sunday Fun-day:
my first time seeing a sea turtle! Unfortunately, it looks like this guy is missing a chunk...

A ray! (What kind is it, Bailey?)
Unicorn fish
Kristen swimming with the fishies.
And that's me!!! Pretty cool, huh? I love this photo because it looks pretty cool even though I barley went deeper than the surface.

Well, off to bed, finally. Tomorrow through Thursday I'll be on Koho'olawe, so I'll be out of communication. Hopefully I'll have incredble stories and pictures upon my return!

Love and Aloha!


  1. Spotted Eagle Ray, and you are right, that picture of you is awesome. Let me know as soon as you get back, I wanna know all about Koho'olawe!!

  2. I fear the only way we'll get you back on that airplane is in handcuffs. Like Kate. And we all know how THAT turned out. But that's one way to get to stay "on the island"

  3. Your adventures sound amazing Maya and I am so jealous!! Being a marine biologist and seeing photos of you underwater with all the fish, corals, and other creatures makes me proud!! Frear is a smart person knowing that Eagle Spotted Ray ha ha, and that turtle most likely got hit by a boat who took that part of his body :( Sad stuff, but pretty cool he made it and can still live in that condition! Love you and have fun cuz!