Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yo Ho Hopu!

(I wrote this post a long time ago, but I guess I forgot to hit the "Publish" button...)

This past weekend (Nov 12-14), we went to quite possibly the best Ultimate tournament I've ever attended. It had all of the key elements to make a tournament great: A great level of competition, a lot of spirit, games, costumes, excellent weather... Plus a few bonus elements to make it just incredible: the mountains, the ocean, a pirate theme, camping.

Here are some pictures:

Our team: the Electros!

Camping at the Waimanalo Beach Park across the road. 5 Minute walk to the fields, and 30 second walk to the ocean.

After each game, we'd "Walk the Plank".... harder than it looks.

Couldn't resist the urge to take a panoramic of the fields. It was just too beautiful.

The Honolulu Ultimate community has two tournaments like this a year-- a co-ed in November, and a men's and women's tournament in February. Goal: Have enough funding in the future to be able to come back to Hawai'i and play, bringing more Sneetches and Donkeys with me, of course!

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  1. awesome awesome. Count me in for the Donkey/Sneetch trip to Hopu.