Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Volcano to Ashes, Dust to Rocks" : Koko Fissure Field Trip

Here are some photographs from my Geology field trip to Koko Fissure this weekend. We were looking at the different compositions of structures left by the Koko Head eruptions many millennia ago.

It was an absolutely stunning place. I can't wait to go back.

First stop on our trip: view of Koko Head and Koko crater from afar:

A closer view of Koko head:

Towards the left (if you squint a lot) you may see the stairs that go all the way up. This is a major "hike" on O'ahu. Some people climb them every week!

This is a shot of where we spent most of the day:

All of these structures were left from the Volcanic eruption. (You can see the layers in this rock structure.)

A view from the "top":
It was absolutely gorgeous! And I learned so much about Geology, too! I would really like to go back here though and explore a little bit more out of an academic context. Maybe a picnic?

More to update soon! For now, I'm off to a written/in-class/take-home (??) exam in my Hawaiian Religion class...

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