Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is real:
That's right! That IS me with Daniel Dae Kim, STAR of "Hawaii Five-0" and "Lost" AND Haverford College class of 1990!!

Last night was the premiere of "Hawaii 5-0" on Waikiki Beach. We got there super late, mostly because there was some sort of carnival happening in the dining center that we just couldn't get away from... There was a DJ, cotton candy, break dancers, etc etc in the cafeteria and none of us could figure out why... Anyways, by the time we got moving, we JUST missed our no. 4 bus to Waikiki-- as in, we saw it come and go while we were on the other side of the busy intersection-- and had to wait for the next one.

That's when we got a wonderful call from Anna Womack, program director of the Semester ALMOST Abroad program saying she had just passed us and would we like a ride? Just another instance proving how awesome she is...

So by the time we get to the premiere, every man, woman, child and tourist on the island of Oahu is there. But I am DETERMINED to see Haverford's one Hollywood-famous alumnus, and so I hang out behind the screen, watching the premiere from there. By the end, everyone was leaving the VIP section, and I was right along the barrier of where all the stars walked out. I was just taking a picture of Jorge Garcia, (who plays Hurley on Lost), when I saw Daniel Dae Kim and shouted, "Daniel!! I'm a HAVERFORD student!! Can I please get a picture with you!" And that was that.

The show was pretty good, too. An entertaining cop show, as opposed to the "real life" cop shows that are on these days. I wouldn't watch it weekly, or anything, but it was fun to see. And thank goodness they kept the old, catchy theme song!!

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  1. Good ol Haverford gumption got you that picture, Maya! The rest of us less-famous types back home are quite proud of you :)